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FAQ About Home EV Charging

Still have questions? We've got answers. Email us or give us a call.

  • A level 2 home charging station adds 25-32 miles of range per hour. That’s 10x faster than the wall charger that the EV comes with.

  • Go Green Texas EV offers several charging stations that have sophisticated applications and that can be paired with Alexa systems. The applications allow you to set notifications and track your usage.

  • Go Green Texas EV understands that each EV driver has different charging needs. Our team will be able to recommend a charging station to you after a short interview.

  • Go Green Texas EV is a full turnkey company and can provide a full installation of the EV charging station. After the station has been installed and tested, we will train you on how to use it.

  • Go Green Texas EV understand that being able to charge your EV is vital for you to get around. Once a quote has been signed, we guarantee installation within a week.

  • Go Green Texas EV offers charging stations and electrical services that allow you to install multiple charging stations at once in a very cost-effective way. If your electrical panel allows it, we can maximize its capacity to power two charging stations.