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About Go Green Texas EV
Go Green Texas EV Understands The Importance Of Reducing Carbon Emissions For A Sustainable Future.

Our story began when we discovered that many drivers will not switch to an electric vehicle due to the lack in EV charging infrastructure. When looking at buying an EV, they quickly realized that very few locations in Texas offered public charging.

We decided that this was our opportunity to help Texas make the shift towards electric cars. By expanding Texas' EV charging infrastructure, we could reassure drivers that chargers are readily available around the state, hence increasing the number of EV's on the road.

In 2018, we launched Go Green Texas EV to provide electric vehicle charging station sales and installations to residential and commercial customers. Our residential customers include home owners, while our commercial customers include apartment buildings, universities, shopping centers, hospitals, and more.

We pride ourselves in being a full-service company that can provide turnkey solutions for our customers. We understand that choosing a charging stations and figuring out how and where to install it can be daunting. When you call us, we help you with everything from picking the station, determing where to place it, installing it, and even training you on how to use it.

Our team is led by young entrepreneurs with a passion for the renewable industry. Since inception, we have experienced extensive growth. As of today, we have engineers with over 25 years of experience and our board consists of one of the most successful pioneers in the Houston Tech Industry. Our team also includes electricians and other craftsmen that have been carefully selected based on their high quality of work.

We are confident that with the team we have assembled and the knowledge we have acquired, we can expand Texas' EV charging infrastructure and help the state move towards a more sustainable future.

Chris Mohasel CEO

Go Green Texas EV

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